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Mount Calvary Lutheran Church & Preschool


Master Planning

Site Design

Plan & Sketch Illustrations

The Mount Calvary Lutheran Church embarked on an exciting project to transform their preschool program’s outdoor space following the sale of a portion of the property. With Planning Design Studio’s expertise in park design they envisioned a vibrant, multifaceted gathering space that would serve their preschoolers, congregation, and the broader community.


The centerpiece of this transformation is a dynamic playground space, designed to foster exploration, learning, and play that promotes both physical and social development. New sidewalks create an accessible and seamless connection to their indoor learning spaces, while maintaining safe and easy navigation throughout the playground.

Beyond play, the project includes designated vegetable garden areas, encouraging hands-on learning and the promotion of healthy eating habits among children. Stormwater drainage, designed as interactive dry creek spaces, allow children to engage with and learn about their natural environment. Plans for a future pavilion promise a versatile space for outdoor classes and community events.

The landscape architects have infused this project with a sense of fun, environmental stewardship, and an understanding of community needs, delivering a revitalized outdoor area that will be cherished for years to come.

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