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Great Rivers Greenway


Master Planning

Public Input Sessions

Planning Design Studio is working with Great Rivers Greenway (GRG) and Saint Charles County Parks to develop a Greenway Master Plan for the 593 square miles of Saint Charles County.  The planning team is working closely with representatives from Saint Charles County municipalities and other stakeholders to strategize potential greenway routes that will benefit everyone and to establish priorities for development.  

Input from Saint Charles County residents is an essential component of the planning process.  The planning team has gathered feedback at numerous events throughout Saint Charles County and through an online survey that received over 1,000 responses.  The input collected is being used to determine what destinations and greenways are most important to county residents.  Greenway alignments that have already been proposed by municipalities or other organizations are also considered and incorporated into the plan. The year-long planning effort will include alignment evaluation, phasing recommendations and development priorities for the proposed greenway networks. This project is part of the overall mission of GRG to make the Saint Louis region a more vibrant place to live, work and play through establishing a network of greenways. 

This project was delivered as a full-color graphic report summarizing the results of the planning process and public input and describing the nine greenway concepts that emerged from the plan.  This project was completed on time and within budget in 2020. 

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