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City of Crestwood


Master Planning

Plan and Sketch Illustrations

Cost Estimating and Implementation Planning

This project is a conceptual design for a community amphitheater at Whitecliff Park. The amphitheater replaces a temporary stage and will be used for summer concerts and plays, weddings, movies in the park, ceremonies and community meetings.  Planning Design Studio gathered input from the community and city staff and analyzed the site to select the ideal amphitheater location.

 Our ultimate development plan provides for a wide variety of community events, featuring a covered stage, a backstage building, tiered seat walls, lawn terrace seating, a sound and lighting control booth, and a concession building.  This plan ensures all community members can participate in events by providing universally accessible walkways and seating areas.  The design’s visual impact and feeling of enclosure are enhanced with a decorative gateway structure and landscape screen plantings. 

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