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The City of Kirkwood


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This park and plaza design memorializes the deaths of six public servants due to the tragedy at Kirkwood City Hall on February 7, 2008. The Memorial Committee gave Planning Design Studio a concept vision that incorporates a memorial walkway with other public spaces around City Hall, including several veterans’ memorials and a park dedicated to a police sergeant killed in the line of duty.  


Our design honors each public servant with a memorial seating area along a meandering walkway.  Each seating nook contains a bench, beautiful landscape plantings, indirect lighting and a granite memorial marker bearing the name of one public servant.  The memorial walkway links the existing features of the park and veteran memorials to a new plaza with a planted seat wall and a sculptural fountain feature. 

Planning Design Studio worked closely with a committee of citizens to unify the various existing and proposed elements into one cohesive design.  

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