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Kirkwood Performing Arts Center Featured in Architizer

Kirkwood Performing Arts Center in Architizer

We're pleased share that one of our projects has been featured on the popular, nationally-recognized website, Architizer. It was exciting to be a part of this amazing project with Jacobs and the City of Kirkwood, MO. We love how this project blends architecture and site and community so seamlessly.

From the article: "The concept was built around the idea that the ‘Show starts on the Sidewalk’ and the importance of exterior space and approach – tying the venue into the city fabric.

"The concept worked around a two-sided (east & west) entry sequence. A practical function of circulation, however this solution balances the need for onsite accessible parking with the aspirations of a more walkable and connected community that drives economic and social wellness."

Congratulations to our PDS design team for a job well done!


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