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Sappington Park Center Master Plan Completed

The Sappington House, built in 1808, is the oldest brick house in St. Louis County. This house, and the park surrounding it, serve as a gathering place for historic tours, community events, and passive recreation in Crestwood, Missouri. Due to aging infrastructure, the desire to attract more visitors, and the need adapt the site to evolving priorities, the city hired a master planning team comprised of Bond Architects, Planning Design Studio and Strata (historical preservation). The master plan will guide future developments and improvements to this historic site.

The PDS design contributions to the master plan include:

· circulation improvements to make the site more accessible,

· landscape improvements to emphasize the Sappington House from the road,

· pathway connection to the adjacent Grant’s Trail,

· addition of a large patio space to support a variety of local events,

· site planning to locate a new gift shop and expansion to the on-site library,

· expanding the outdoor dining space for the on-site restaurant,

· and improvements to the small pond and historic grounds.

Park users and community members were able to voice their opinions throughout the master plan process by attending several public input meetings, park board meetings, and Board of Alderman meetings.


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