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Jeff Nilges 
Landscape Architect Jeff Nilges

Jeff is a founding member of PDS and is responsible for the planning, design and production of a wide range of site development projects. His portfolio includes the design and implementation of an outdoor sports complex, aesthetic enhancements of a major transportation corridor, and the planning and design of a golf resort in China. His duties typically include conceptual design, master planning, site design and construction documentation.  His project experience ranges from municipal parks and greenway design to transportation enhancements and military master planning.

Jeff provides on-site construction services for many of the firm’s clients. His experience and knowledge of the construction process guides PDS’s cost effective design solutions.  Jeff is also PDS’s information technology manager. He keeps the firm up to date with leading edge hardware, software and technology applications.


Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University, 2000


Professional Landscape Architect in Missouri

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